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Recon Insight Group: Regional Economic Analysis

What Can we do for You?

Here at Recon Insight, we provide our clients with actionable intelligence that is both affordable and high quality. Currently offering consulting services and economic training, our research focuses on Impact and Contribution Analyses, employing Input-Output and CGE models. Contact us to get started!

What is actionable intelligence?

There is no substitute for regional economic knowledge. Find out why

Our Clients:
Urban Construction

Recent Blog Posts

We aim to demonstrate how economic theory and data work to provide actionable intelligence. The purpose is not to provide in-depth, analytical, or fully formed research, but to illustrate what our approach to economic questions looks like.

Meet the Team


Tim Nadreau

Specializes in client engagement, data analysis,  Economic modeling, and policy assessment.


Elli Sensing

Copy-editing and content manager.

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