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The Recon Insight Group Experience

What's In It For You

Changes are coming to your community, to your economy. How will it affect you? It is one thing to make predictions based on experience, logic, or conjecture, but it is another to rely on data, causal inferences, and statistical probability. Recon Insight Group (RIG) provides a statistical lens for you to see and understand change with, because although many of the things that happen are intuitively predictable, others are not. How will your decisions and strategies look down the road?  You can’t afford to play the trial and error game, and need to know what will happen from a pecuniary standpoint if you implement certain strategies. RIG has the answer with a statistically weighted analysis: we use a computable general equilibrium model that allows a close examination of the multiple economic variables that will be affected by your new plan. How does this help you? This can help immensely in the promotion of projects, the ability to make preemptive adjustments, anticipating problems that are indiscernible earlier in the process.   

What's It Cost?

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What's the Outcome

What is the use of information if you can’t do anything with it? If you can’t put  information—the data—to good use, if it doesn’t allow you to take some sort of action that is beneficial then why bother. In the Air Force, there is an important relationship between “operations” and “intelligence.” It is not enough to have advanced weaponry and trained pilots to take out enemy targets. They have to know what the target is. Where it is. How to get to it. Operations cannot happen without information, but that information alone cannot win the war. In the military, intelligence is the difference between life and death, but the same principles apply to other areas of life. Economics is a social science. It studies the actions of individuals, communities, regions, countries, and everything in between. And the [motives] that guide these actions are as numerous and diverse as people are. When it comes to economic analysis, it is absolutely necessary to have, not only many datasets, but the relevant ones. The ones that matter. The type of data that tells the pilot where and what to target. The type of data we can act on. And that’s what we deliver to our clients—actionable intelligence.

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